Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. 0

The Real Story’s Creative Director, Anthony Matheson, was one of the judges for the 2016
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. The awards, “honouring the world’s finest corporate
films, online media and TV productions”, will be presented on October the 12th and 13th – in
Cannes, obviously.

He was also a judge for the 2016 EVCOM Clarion Awards.
EVCOM is […]


Bend it like Beard 0

Bend it like Beard
Many people – especially historians of course – would say it’s crucial for historical interpretation always to be historically accurate. The famous historian Professor Mary Beard doesn’t necessarily agree, however. She argues that it’s acceptable in some cases to sacrifice absolute accuracy for the sake of authenticity. […]

Flying High 0

Some years ago I was lucky enough to have a great “boys’ toys” experience: I flew a Tornado F3 simulator at RAF Leuchars. This wasn’t just for my entertainment, of course. It was part of the research for a film I was making for the RAF. They wanted me to get something of an idea […]

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In devising a new interpretation, how much use is market research? For one thing, it depends on what kind of research you do – and how well it’s done. Quantitative research can be useful in learning how people respond to very specific topics. It has the benefit that all interviews are conducted according to the […]