Blenheim Palace


Blenheim Palace The Untold Story

The Duke of Marlborough and the Blenheim Palace Trust wanted to create an alternative to the existing tour of the palace. Rather than concentrating on the magnificent state rooms, furnishings, art works etc., and the ‘official’ history of the Marlboroughs themselves, they wanted something on a similar scale that would look at history in a more intimate way, often seen through the eyes of servants and staff.

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We created ‘The Untold Story’, a tour covering 11 rooms, with specially-constructed sets and using multiple videos, audio, Pepper’s Ghosts, special effects and, in some rooms, touch-screens. Grace Ridley, ladies’ maid to the first Duchess of Marlborough, transcends time to lead visitors from 1705 to the present, introducing them to Dukes, Duchesses and servants in bedrooms, corridors, boudoirs, a theatre, a laboratory and Blenheim’s sumptuous Great Hall.

with Sinclair Design Partnership Ltd.