Operation Sternwaive

As part of the extensive 60th anniversary commemorations of the end of World War II, a Living Museum was set up in London’s St. James’s Park. Part temporary exhibition, part interactive educational facility, part live re-enactment, the museum’s two main target audiences were young people and WWII veterans.


The Royal Navy museums (the RN Museum itself, plus those for the Fleet Air Arm, RN Submarines and the Royal Marines) wanted to show how the four arms functioned together in WWII. We produced a video drama that ran on two screens in a temporary cinema in the park. On one screen the audience saw commanders planning a joint operation (Operation Sternwaive) on board a ship in the pacific in 1945, while the other screen showed the same men and their families in the early 1950s. Both elements ran continuously, the ‘focus’ action and the ‘background action’ alternating between the two screens. This allowed visitors to see the poignant and personal facets of wartime alongside the tension of front line action.

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