Principal Partners:


Ellie Cockerill

Ellie Cockerill trained in Fashion and Textiles at Harrow Art School, then went on to work in theatre as a Costume Designer, specialising in historically accurate costumes. For the last 20 years or so, while involved in film and video as a Costume Designer and Art Director (working on several award-winning projects), she has increasingly focused on heritage interpretation, usually working alongside Anthony Matheson and Rob Woods. Within The Real Story she has overall responsibility for the physical environment as a part of the total interpretation.


Anthony Matheson

Anthony Matheson has worked in heritage interpretation as a Creative Director and writer for more than 20 years, having started his career in theatre. He has also been involved as a scriptwriter and director in broadcast and corporate film/video. His screen work has won 46 awards in the UK, USA and Europe. His role in The Real Story is as overall Creative Director for our interpretation projects.


Robert Woods

Robert Woods is a digital designer who has worked in the communications industry for more than 20 years, generating content for the corporate world, whilst working for various high profile design agencies, before entering the world of heritage interpretation. His skills range from: conceptualisation to the design and programming of touch screen interactives; 3D visualisation; graphics for print and original photography.