Royal Surrey Regiment Museum

During the First World War, Captain Billie Nevill of the East Surrey Regiment had a remarkable idea. As a way of encouraging his men to go ‘over the top’ he obtained four footballs which they kicked across No Man’s Land. Captain Nevill promised a reward to the first man to score a goal in the enemy trenches.

The Royal Surrey Regiment Infantry Museum was eager to tell this extraordinary story of eccentric heroism but they had limited funding. In order to maximise the potential of the budget they did have, they decided that if Captain Nevill’s story was told via a touch screen kiosk, they could seize the opportunity to present their World War II archival newsreel footage as well. This could also be enhanced by incorporating interviews with WWII veterans.

In telling the World War One story, we presented Captain Nevill as a very British ‘Boy’s Own’ hero, adopting the visual style of a story paper such as ‘The Victor’. The opening sequence immediately set the tone and style, which enabled us to reveal the story of the heroism of Captain Billie Nevill and the 8th Battalion to a broad audience.

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